QUANTUM HEALING & the Spiritual Principles Involved

Quantum Healing is a form of mind-body medicine wherein a fundamental change in consciousness is said to produce a profound healing of the body mind and spirit.
The term ‘Quantum Healing” was introduced by Deepak Chopra MD in his book Quantum Healing (1989) to explain sudden and dramatic healing that is not understood by conventional medicine.
Quantum Healing at YOUR BODY POWER was founded by Marlene Allen and is provided by her and her team of Associates for deep and sustainable transformation.
Our work is based on the following Spiritual principles. Focusing on these principles, that have been revealed and confirmed time and time again throughout history, keeps us out of our own Egos and clear in our healing intentions for our clients.

We believe that your understanding of these processes will also enhance your healing outcomes: 

  • We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience – the essence of our Creation and Being is Spiritual. Long before we had a physical body, we were pure Spirit and to this Spirit we also return when we leave our physical bodies at the end of life on planet Earth. If we focus only on physical, mental and emotional healing, we are likely to miss the greatest healing of All – which is the conscious reunion with Source for wholeness, and Perfection.
  • As Spiritual Beings we have access to Higher Spiritual Guidance for healing from within. Spirit and numerous Spiritual Committees will work on our behalf from within the Quantum Field (our own Spiritual Operating System) when we set clear healing intentions and get our Egos out of the way. These most knowledgeable and highly conscious Beings can do the healing work for us – just as long as we ASK.
  • The Soul resides within our hearts and is ultimately in charge of its own healing. Nothing happens that is not planned for or allowed by the Soul. Although clients may come to us with the belief that someone or something outside of themselves can fix them – they are in fact the ONLY ones that can impact their own healing. It is important to understand that healing happens when the Soul gives us permission to work with its Spirit and Spiritual Committees for change. As Practitioners, we can facilitate this process by consciously connecting with your Spirit and Spiritual Committees – but the Soul ultimately chooses what to do with the new level of healing, consciousness and understanding that occurs in session. Sometimes the Soul will allow a complete healing that can result in drastic changes mentally, emotionally and physically. These are often referred to as miracles and they can happen. However, more frequently, a single session does not eliminate all perceived “negative” circumstances from a client’s life because the Soul may have decided that the experience of such circumstances is necessary for further learning and growth. Practitioners then, cannot force a healing or outcome for our clients. We support the continuous expansion of consciousness for healing as the Soul permits.
  • Changing your consciousness, changes your experience. The mental and emotional energy we accumulate and embody over time (consciously or unconsciously) can result in energetic blocks to our health, peace of mind, and success. It creates our personal experiences in every present moment. With newfound awareness discovered in Quantum Healing Sessions at YBP, we can release these blocks and interferences observed within the Quantum and work with Spirit to create the highest intention and blueprint for desired changes in health, happiness and prosperity.
  • We are multidimensional Beings who have lived thousands of lives – some on other planets, dimensions and galaxies. We incarnate into our current lives with accumulated and specific energies based on the experiences we have had in all of these lifetimes. If we do not heal negative experiences and consequent, accumulated energies, they will follow us until they are addressed. We as Practitioners can work with Spirit to identify and clear personal energies and negative patterns that are currently impacting the health and well-being of our clients. Once these are cleared, it is easier for the conscious mind to learn a new way of being in the world. Space is made for the Soul to reveal its Highest Blueprint of Wholeness and Spirit can then reprogram, regenerate and reboot that which is needed in the moment.
  • Spirit is the highest expression of LOVE and this divine love can provide the highest outcome for healing. When we are One with Spirit, WE ARE LOVE. When we experience fear, we have separated from Spirit and attached to an Ego construction that thrives on polarities operating on the lowest levels of consciousness. In Quantum healing sessions, we call upon Spirit to replace all fears and dis-ease with love by creating a sacred space of Radiant Love so that we can let go of Ego and allow Spirit to work through us on behalf of the client. We work from the highest level of consciousness at all times and are committed to the ongoing development of our Spiritual maturity and evolution.
  • Everything is in Divine Order and thus purposeful. Even though we often choose to change negative experiences and patterns in our lives, we must remember that all experiences are directed by the Soul’s life path or planning to serve a Higher Purpose. With this in mind, Practitioners will never consciously judge client circumstances and mental, emotional and physical reactions to these circumstances as wrong – but will instead, work as One in clear connection with Spirit to inspire the Souls own healing intentions for change at its own pace and in its own way. Once again, we provide sacred space, intention and guidance for the Highest Good of All.